Analyze The Webs Of Your Field

In general, when someone is about to start a site, they know (or think they do) what content or elements they want to incorporate into it. Whether we are beginning, or not, observe websites of the competition or related fields will allow us to detect trends, elements that “should be” anywhere in this topic, inspiration and in other cases give us an idea of what is we do not want. In this way, you can define a list of things you want to include on your website and others that you do not. Styles for image galleries or Portfolio of works, useful elements in the Products / Services section, the layout of the contact form or what kind of images impact more than others.Read More SEO Perth.

Search to include the elements that you consider, but in a harmonious way, not forced, bear in mind the previous point!

Teach how to use your website with the visual hierarchy

In all graphic composition, the Visual Hierarchy must be applied, that is, to arrange the essential elements in such a way that they appear accented. In this way, we can teach our visitors (more specifically in the eyes of them) how to browse the content of our website.

Usually, once the brain has captured the complete set, and if its interest has been aroused, it will begin to analyze it part by part. The eyes travel (usually) what we see from top to bottom. In the case of the web, the eyes typically describe a “Z.” When starting from the top left, this area captures a lot of attention.